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Evodia Garnacha 2016


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Calatayud is a fairly innocuous and rural region of  Spain. As far as the eye can see the hills and plains are blanketed with head-pruned vineyards, primarily Garnacha. Just to the north of  Calatayud is Campo de Borja, Navarra and Rioja Baja so this sea of  Garnacha is a small part of  a wider ocean. Much of  the inexpensive and pleasurable Garnacha sold in the US comes from these regions in Spain and Eric Solomon was an early pioneer and proponent. Years ago while working on a project in Calatayud, Eric Solomon met Jean-Marc Lafage and Yolanda Diaz. Yolanda is a native of  the region and knows the terruño of  Calatayud better than anyone. Jean-Marc is the very talented winemaker and consultant from the Roussillon just across the border in France. Together they "discovered" a unique village in Calatayud, Atea. At 1000 meters above sea level it is the highest elevation village in the whole DO. Even more interesting is that the soil here is black schist, the same soil one can find in the Priorat and in Maury where Jean-Marc owns an estate by the name of  Saint-Roch. This unique terroir and the old vines of  Garnacha rooted in it, are the origins of  Evodia.

April 2016 Bremer's Staff Pick
his month’s staff pick has been chosen by Garry – longtime Bremer’s employee. His pick, Evodia by Altovinum, has been a longtime favorite of his.
Category Red Wine
Country Spain
Region Calatayud
Brand Evodia