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Cú-Chulainn Irish Whiskey


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Cu Chulainn is our premium Irish Whiskey which is an original blend of the finest grain and malted barley. Pronounced ‘’Coo Cullen’’, this brand is a truly traditional Irish which is named after Ireland’s greatest mythological warrior who means as much in Ireland’s history to Irishmen and women as does Hercules to Greeks and Genghis Khan to Mongolians.

Blended and Bottled in small batches by the Cu Chulainn Irish Whiskey Company, a subsidiary of the family owned Terra Spirits & Liqueurs, this golden amber colored Irish Whiskey can be best described as smooth in mouthfeel and easy drinking with background notes of nut, spice, smoke and honey.

Category Irish Whiskey
Country Ireland
Brand Cú-Chulainn