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Maker's Mark Mint Julep Bourbon 1L


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Made with Maker's Mark bourbon infused with fresh mint then balanced with simple syrup for sweetness for the perfect Mint Julep. Distinctive caramel aroma of charred oak with hints of vanilla & mint. The Perfect Mint Julep Cocktail 1. Fill each julep cup 1/2 full with shaved ice. 2. Insert a mint sprig. 3. Pack in more ice to about one inch over the top of each cup. 4. Insert a straw that has been cut to no more than one inch above the top of the cup so your nose is forced to sniff the mint when sipping the julep. 5. When frost forms on the glass, pour refrigerated Maker's Mark Mint Julep over the ice and sprinkle powdered sugar on top if you so desire.
Category Bourbon
Country United States
Region Kentucky
Brand Maker's Mark
Alcohol/vol 33%