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Wagner Riesling Ice Wine 2014 375ml


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Full bodied, aromatic and zesty, each sip explodes with vibrant fruitiness & leaves behind a lively, lingering finish. Food Pairings: Savor alone as dessert, along with fresh fruit or soft cheeses & nuts, or paired with your favorite dessert.
Category Icewine
Country United States
Region New York
Appellation Finger Lakes
Brand Wagner
Alcohol/vol 11.8%
  • wa89

Wine AdvocateThe Riesling "Ice" comes in at 11.8% alcohol and 190 grams per liter of residual sugar. This is an Ice Wine style, but with the grapes late-picked after some botrytis development and then frozen by the winery rather than frozen naturally on the vine. Wagner explains that, in its "Banana Belt" microclimate, there are "typically three to four partial freezes before we get a solid freeze. This means, if we left it to chance, there would be many years where our crop...would be ruined." Fresh, graceful and luscious, this is not particularly rich and it is only moderately sweet, ending with a hint of pear more than rich apricot. It is not laced with the acidity we often see in Eisweins--at least not perceptibly--but there's enough to let it keep its balance and hold off the sugar. It seems fresh and drinks nicely. On the first day, it was a bit stolid, but it opened nicely on the second day, seeming even drier. It is pretty delicious, too. This style ages fairly well, but there is no reason to wait. We'll take the aging in stages. This is set to debut in the marketplace in May, 2016.

Mark Squires, April 27, 2016